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Asking Interns: Why #UNLITTER?

As a recent addition to the #UNLITTER team for this year’s summer internship, I learned how #UNLITTER became the movement it is today: an organization that takes an optimistic approach to saving the Earth, focusing on how individuals can work together to create tangible change. Using this experience, I am discovering how to lean further into sustainable living.

Joining any new organization can be intimidating, whether due to the uncertainty of what to expect, social anxiety, a busy schedule, or whatever else may hold you back. I’m here to show you firsthand why it’s worth it to take the leap and get involved!

The #UNLITTER logo

I learned about #UNLITTER during my first year at the University of Florida through #UNLITTER UF. Looking for like-minded students who value a clean, sustainable environment and positivity, I followed #UNLITTER’s Instagram. Other than attending a thrift gala jointly hosted by #UNLITTER and UF Thrift Club, I never became truly involved until recently.

From meeting fellow interns and becoming more conscious of the #UNLITTER mindset, I see the tangible change this organization creates and feel excited for what’s to come. Today, I ask #UNLITTER’s newest summer interns, “What’s your Why or How #UNLITTER?” 

Meet Ava!

Home Base: A small suburb outside of Seattle, Washington

Internship Role: Blog Marketing

A girl skiing in a snowy mountain

Ava Wygant is an incoming third-year student at the University of Washington. She is pursuing a major in environmental studies and a minor in business! For fun, she loves going on hikes and adventures with her friends.

Q: How do you apply the #UNLITTER mindset to your life?

A: “I apply the #UNLITTER mindset to my everyday life by being as sustainable and mindful of the environment as I can be. This might mean thrifting instead of shopping at the mall, choosing a ‘for-here’ cup at a coffee shop, or even opting to walk somewhere rather than driving. Every day is different, but the #UNLITTER lifestyle is here to stay.”

Meet Cammie!

Home Base: Gainesville, Florida

Internship Role: Social Media & Content Creation

A girl on a tree-lined path

Cammie Delgado is heading into her fourth year as a sustainability studies major at the University of Florida. In her free time, she enjoys working out and traveling!

Q: What is your favorite thing about #UNLITTER?

A: “My favorite part is the people and how committed everyone is to spreading the #UNLITTER message. Since becoming an intern, I have loved how welcoming and excited everyone on the team is. Everyone’s energy shines through, even working remotely with this team.”

Q: How do you apply the #UNLITTER mindset to your life?

A: “I am a Sustainability Studies major, so I apply the #UNLITTER mindset when it comes to just picking up trash I see outside or trying to reduce my waste and overconsumption. I also love the idea of #UNLITTERYOURMIND and have honed in on that in the past year or so. I started doing yoga, and including activities in my life that truly gave my mind a rest.”

Meet Rosie!

Home Base: Washington, D.C.

Internship Role: Social Media Partnership & Collaboration

A girl by a river

Rosie Byler is a second-year student at UCLA pursuing a major in psychology and a minor in neuroscience. On a day off, she’s likely running, outdoors, or spending time with friends (maybe even all at once)!

Q: How did you first discover #UNLITTER and why were you drawn to it?

A:  “I was solo-traveling through the Baltics and randomly decided to listen to an episode of a podcast called Sustainability and The Sea. The episode was called 'Starting your Sustainability Journey,’ and it interviewed Shannon, the director of the intern program. I was drawn to #UNLITTER because of its holistic approach to sustainability. There is a big emphasis on cleaning the physical environment and improving sustainable practices, but the movement involves cleaning up lifestyle habits and encouraging everyone to get outside!”

Meet Scarlet!

Home Base: Park City, Utah

Internship Role: Marketing & Branding

A girl in the mountains

Scarlet Hopper is an incoming third-year student at the University of Washington. She is pursuing a major in environmental studies, but her interests don’t stop there. She is also on the path to earning a minor in urban planning and design in addition to a minor in business administration! Her favorite things to do include trying new restaurants, reading, hiking, and baking.

Q: How did you first discover #UNLITTER and why were you drawn to it?

A: “I first discovered #UNLITTER from LinkedIn because someone I connected with worked there. I was drawn to #UNLITTER because the movement takes a unique angle by empowering individuals to make changes in their own lives to promote sustainability.”

Q: How do you apply the #UNLITTER mindset to your life?

A: “I apply the #UNLITTER mindset to my own life by journaling everyday because it helps me practice gratitude.”

Meet Gabie!

Home Base: Tampa, Florida

Internship Role: Educational Content

A girl posing with mountains in the background

Gabie Pignataro, an incoming fourth-year student, is majoring in sustainability studies at the University of Florida. She is also pursuing a minor in environmental justice and policy. Gabie has many hobbies, but her favorites are to read, junk journal, watch TV, and cook!

Q: What is your favorite thing about #UNLITTER?

A: “My favorite part about #UNLITTER would have to be the positive mindset that it brings to sustainability. In sustainability education specifically, I often find information that, while very important, is weighed down with only the negative issues. I love the casual and positive spin that #UNLITTER takes to make sustainability accessible for everyone.”

Meet Bella (me)!

Home Base: Gainesville, Florida

Internship Role: Editorial/Blog Content Creation & Marketing

A girl posing with green mountains

A little about me: I am an incoming third-year student at the University of Florida majoring in advertising. I am also pursuing a minor in Italian studies, a minor in dance, and a certificate in international communication! A fun day for me usually looks like getting outside, spending time with loved ones, and maybe stopping by my favorite tea shop.

As for my Why #UNLITTER, I thrive in community; that is what #UNLITTER is: a community of people committed to positive change and a clean planet. Nothing inspires me like coming together with others who share my passions.

In my life, I try to stick to the #UNLITTER lifestyle by letting my love for nature guide my purchasing habits and consumption. #UNLITTERing my mind through practicing mindfulness (whether through reading, dancing, spending time in nature, etc) is something I work on daily!

Meet Sabina! (Our founder)

Home Base: Miami Beach, Florida

A girl smiling with greenery

Lastly, some words from our founder, Sabina Osman:

Q: What does #UNLITTER mean to you?

A: "#UNLITTER means to USE LESS STUFF!!! It means to pick up trash in my path, #UNLITTER my diet by eating healthy, #UNLITTER my closet and keep everything tidy…which in turn, #UNLITTERs my mind."

Q: How does it feel to have so many new members?

A: "Having so many new members is incredibly inspiring and motivating!! I’m so confident in this movement’s powerful effects on human beings and on planet Earth."

Q: What’s one piece of advice you’d give to people considering joining #UNLITTER or those wanting to learn more?


Q: Why do you think #UNLITTER grew into such a powerful movement?

A: "#UNLITTER’s motto: simple.powerful.positive. It is the reason, in my opinion, that #UNLITTER grew into such a widespread and powerful movement. The positivity and simplicity of the concept is incredibly powerful because it inspires people to do what they really want: live a better life in a cleaner environment."

Our “Why #UNLITTER” shows the heart of the movement and the beauty of living consciously. Living with intention matters not only for our planet, but to our diets, our exercise, our communication with one another, our thoughts…the list goes on forever. It is this lifestyle that encompasses the #UNLITTER movement.

Let me leave you with this thought: How will you #UNLITTER today?

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