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What is #UNLITTER?

The #UNLITTER sticker in black and white is held in two hands with the sunset sky behind it.

#UNLITTER is a nonprofit that promotes "a global movement of humans doing good” through events, educational content & community action. #UNLITTER empowers individuals to live more conscious and positive lives. As an LLC, #UNLITTER offers consulting services to guide organizations in lessening their environmental footprint and acting to tangibly improve the larger ecosystem.

This movement does more than encourage people to pick up litter off the ground. Its main goal is to increase environmental awareness and educate people on how to live sustainably. Our clean-ups inspire others to make more sustainable choices and to realize how much litter is there out there. 


The word #UNLITTER itself triggers a sense of awareness. #UNLITTER (verb and noun) inspires people to have more respect for themselves and their environment by refining day-to-day actions and micro-habits.


#UNLITTER is a globally dispersed community stitched together by ambassadors on college campuses who galvanize environmentally-minded students. This is accomplished through events, art, and organic marketing. 


If you are interested in getting more involved, send us an email JOIN@UNLITTER.ORG so we can chat more. 

"I see #UNLITTER as a lifestyle. I see a community of people linked by a movement – making an effort to make their individual lives more positive and fulfilling, rejecting the culture that is destroying our home, and making our world a better place to live. Humanity united around the common good." - Sabina Osman

An art piece made up of waste is hung on a wall. The art image is of an ocean wave with a japanese style sun in the image. Different types of litter come down from the image that end in the floor with a pile of more litter that you would find in an ocean beach.
Boy in UCF shirt holding a blue trash bag smiling while picking up trash in a green field.
A bond girl wearing glasses while blowing glitter into the camera on a nice sunny day outside.
Boy wearing a white bucket hat taking a selfie outside in the woods.

Where is #UNLITTER?

The #UNLITTER sticker in black and white is held in two hands with the sunset sky behind it.

Since its formation in 2016, #UNLITTER has touched countless sectors of the globe. 


The goal is to expand #UNLITTER to be a global community on a local level.. meaning it starts with YOU.


Interested in getting involved? Get in touch, we'd love to meet you.

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