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Simple. Powerful. Positive. 


The #UNLITTER Movement is a community of individuals who strive to live positive and sustainable lifestyles. 

#UNLITTER provides individuals with resources and a network for projects that change and inspire communities. 

The community spans from event attendees to a board of directors, our global team, local area representatives, and the #UNLITTER internship program!


Anyone who has been to an #UNLITTER Global Community Call, attended a local event, or even lives the lifestyle everyday is a part of our community.

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Featured Projects

Our mission is to inspire & empower people to clean up daily routines, habits, and mindsets. Through our 501(c)3 nonprofit status, we work to activate a global network of ambassadors uniquely positioned to catalyze change in OUR local communities.


Learn more about our projects on Instagram @UNLITTER and on our blog.

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Gainesville, Florida

#UNLITTER Bottlecap Mural 

Constructed from thousands of plastic water bottlecaps (collected from the community), this mural is now housed in Gainesville's City Hall. 


Gainesville, Florida 

#UNLITTER Thrift Gala

Add a short bio for each team member. Make it brief and informative to keep visitors engaged.


Miami, Florida 

Art Basel

For a few years, we have attended Art Basel in Miami, Florida. Check out this video for more clips from 2017, 


Clean Up Events

#UNLITTER Clean Up Events

Learn more about our clean up events, and others like invasive species removals. 



#UNLITTER is a community that spans the globe and brings together passionate individuals on college campuses (and beyond). 

Our area leaders play a crucial role in inspiring environmentally conscious students to take action by organizing events, creating art, and implementing organic marketing strategies.

This approach, which focuses on engaging and empowering individuals at the local level, has been instrumental in #UNLITTER's success.

If you are interested in getting more involved, send us an email (JOIN@UNLITTER.ORG)  so we can chat more. 

An art piece made up of waste is hung on a wall. The art image is of an ocean wave with a japanese style sun in the image. Different types of litter come down from the image that end in the floor with a pile of more litter that you would find in an ocean beach.

Get Involved.

We encourage you to start small by taking steps towards living The #UNLITTER Lifestyle, a more positive and sustainable outlook on things. This could mean picking up litter once a week, reducing your waste, or adopting more eco-friendly habits in your daily life. By doing so, you'll be helping to create a cleaner and healthier environment for everyone.

#UNLITTER is also a platform for connecting with like-minded individuals who share your passion for making a positive impact. To learn more about how you can get involved and connect with our community, you can send an email to JOIN@UNLITTER.ORG. Always happy to chat and answer any questions you may have.



Behind the Movement.

#UNLITTER is a nonprofit that promotes "a global movement of humans doing good” through events, educational content & community action. #UNLITTER empowers individuals to live more conscious and positive lives.

This movement does more than encourage people to pick up litter off the ground. Our main goal is to increase environmental awareness and educate people on how to live sustainably + positively, without buying a ton of new products.


Our clean-ups inspire others to make more sustainable choices and to realize how much litter is there out there. 


The word #UNLITTER itself triggers a sense of awareness. #UNLITTER (verb and noun) inspires people to have more respect for themselves and their environment by refining day-to-day actions and micro-habits.

"I see #UNLITTER as a lifestyle. I see a community of people linked by a movement – making an effort to make their individual lives more positive and fulfilling, rejecting the culture that is destroying our home, and making our world a better place to live. Humanity united around the common good." 

Sabina Osman, Founder #UNLITTER



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