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What is #UNLITTER?

#UNLITTER is an environmental and self-awareness movement, a non-profit organization, and a company that guides businesses and events towards operating more sustainably. The#UNLITTER Movement promotes living in a minimalist way and eliminating toxicity in our world and ourselves. This movement attracted a group of people with similar values who have come together to actively work towards these objectives. What do you do to raise the vibration of this world? How do you#UNLITTER ?

Photo by @keeks_98

The founder of#UNLITTER, Sabina Osman, says that the best way to become involved in#UNLITTER is to find your "low hanging fruit". This metaphor emphasizes doing the easy work first to obtain optimal results. Contributing to this movement in the ways that directly connect with your passions sets the foundation for a better Earth. Do you find fulfillment in improving mental health? Does cleaning up trash make you happy? Do you have a reusable water bottle? Do you enjoy creating nutritious foods? Can you#unlitter your school, or your workplace?

Photo by @unlittercalifornia / @ali_rubin

Photo by @unlittercalifornia / @ali_rubin

Answering these questions will determine your potential to become involved in The#UNLITTER Movement and dictate how you can incorporate your passions in a movement that promotes the creation of a better Earth. Little steps lead to remarkable progress, as the saying goes "little things add up". There is a cyclical and contagious nature of #unlittering your mind, #unlittering your body, #unlittering your community and #unlittering the Earth. There is no need to be perfect when engaging in this movement because every action creates a ripple effect. Every time you #UNLITTER, you contribute to the overarching goal of increased awareness.

The #UNLITTER community welcomes you with open arms to walk into a safe space that focuses on conscious awareness of the footprints we are leaving on this Earth.

Over the next few weeks, I will be interviewing the Executive Team and linking them below. I hope that these interviews provide greater insight into each component of The #UNLITTER Movement! I am looking forward to providing greater clarity and, in doing so,

I hope our mission ignites a fire within your soul!

How can I get involved?!:

— Follow #UNLITTER on instagram for events. The following places have specific instagrams for that area.

— Check out our website:

  1. Order from Marketplace which provides a list of sustainable options for everyday items from shampoo to deodorant →

  2. Look at our blog for posts that discuss specific components of our movement

— Like us on Facebook! →

— Spread the word! Are you doing anything to #UNLITTER in your life? Tag us in your posts and stories! We would love to share good vibes and conscious acts that help raise the vibration of the collective conscious!

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