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From the Ocean With Love

By Chloe Moore

It all started when I wanted a pair of scallop shell earrings. I searched Etsy and scoured local shops to find that a typical pair of shell earrings go for about $30. Which got me thinking… is this something I could make myself?

The beach with sand and clear water

When I looked up the supplies needed to make a pair of earrings, in total it was about $30 to create 10 pairs; the seashells being free, and lucky for me I live by the beach– all I needed to do was search the shore  and find matching pairs of shells. 

A girl holds up a conch shell in the water at the beach

"I grew up going to the beach but never paid much attention to the shells. That was until this earring idea came up, that’s when I noticed the beauty in every shell I saw."

All different kinds of shells laid out on a towel

Like people, they come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors–none looking exactly like the other. Once I started looking for shells it quickly became one of my favorite hobbies. I found so many shells that I started making more earrings than I could wear. I gave the extras to my friends and family, and they kept telling me to start selling them. I created an Etsy account and even set up a display at the beach shop I work at.

My creations have grown to include necklaces, picture frames and keychains with shells as well. I love that I get to create something that people get to take home and have a physical reminder of the beach and all the treasures the oceans give us. 

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