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#UNLITTER New York: Southampton Studios

Reed Weber is a 26-year-old born & raised in New York. He has always admired cool things and wanted to create something that would stand out while maintaining ethical standards. Reed originally by started working in retail which connected with his marketing-focused degree. He soon realized that he did not want a nine-to-five career. He took a leap of faith as he navigated the initiation of his own business, Southampton Studios, standing for Surf, Hoop, Skate, embodies an energy of rebellion and cultivates a sense of invigoration. Weber felt that his career, consisting of hoodies and t-shirts, would stand out amidst the typical style in the Hamptons.

Weber is a solo entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, he has learned the importance of remembering your why and incorporating something you are looking forward to every day. Southampton Studios was exciting because very few brands have been born in the Hamptons. The main focus of this company entails creative clothing and videos. Two years before COVID, Webber rented a space in the arcade allowing for the beginning of his entrepreneurial experience. Since then, he has done pop-ups in the Manhattans, feeling excited when he gets to take over a space and leave the digital realm. Webber enjoys spreading the word and interacting with people face-to-face. This company has allowed him to connect with others when sharing his passion with others. He even had the chance to meet Meek Mill.

Weber finds it essential to lead by example. Weber takes accountability for his actions and is a firm believer in the motto,

“leave it the way you found it.”

He keeps things nice to create a sustainable environment and eliminates unnecessary waste in the future as this appreciation will keep opportunities available, such as swimming in a clean ocean.

Weber was motivated to collaborate with #UNLITTER when he met the director, Sabina Osman, 2-3 years ago. He admired the passion she exuded and asked how he could intertwine his business with her mission, with the premise,

“If you are trying to make the world a better place, how can we contribute?”

When looking into #UNLITTER merchandise Southampton Studios was the perfect match! The focus on sustainability and fashion set the foundation for the perfect match! Weber always has extra tee-shirts lying around, so it made perfect sense. They were never worn and in brand new condition and could integrate #UNLITTER principles of repurposing with a cool and modern feel.

As he navigates his entrepreneurship, he applies the #UNLITTER principles. He works out daily for 30-40 minutes. From an environmental perspective, he remains reasonable and eco-friendly. His partners are compliant with energy plans, allowing for better efficiency washers and dryers, non-toxic ink (biodegradable), and he “let[s] nature play its course” by using the sun as a natural dryer.

For those on a journey towards sustainability, Weber's advice is,

“Less is more.”

When stuff is more valuable, it will pay off, and then you will only have to buy one thing instead of ten! A simple switch is a tote bag instead of a plastic bag.

How do you #UNLITTER? Purchase an #UNLITTER tee to represent and encourage sustainability!

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