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Tahiti, French Polynesia


We The Reef, Coral Gardeners

The Story 

Our oceans need our help. #UNLITTER wanted to make it easy to give the intangible this holiday season - adopt a coral. #UNLITTER is part of the We The Reef program and a trusted supporter of Coral Gardeners.

Gift a coral to support reef restoration, education, and make a difference with your dollar. Use the code UNLITTER for 15% off & to track our impact. 

You can even pick out what species of coral that you want to give! 


of the oxygen we breathe comes from ocean organisms such as the symbiotic algae living inside corals.
$375 billion
is generated each year by tourism directly related to coral reefs.
500 million 
people worldwide directly rely on the reef for food, income, coastal protection, and more.
of marine life call coral reefs their home, while covering less than 1% of the ocean floor.
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Underwater Farms

Coral Farms provide advantages such as being sheltered from bleaching events, biological pests, and disease.

Why Coral? 

Coral removes inorganic carbon from the atmosphere effectively reducing the greenhouse gas effect.
Coral Reefs have the highest biodiversity of any ecosystem (including rainforests) 

Photosynthesis in the ocean?

Plants in the ocean also turn carbon dioxide into oxygen. Coral reefs effectively perform photosynthesis at a rate higher than ANY land forests, all while providing a home for 25% of the ocean (& using only 1% of the ocean floor). 
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Adopt a coral. Give the gift of carbon to our oceans. Buy nothing.




Help push the boundaries of technology in ocean conservation.


Coral Gardener Labs, develops cutting edge tool for scientist, creates immersive experiences for our community and collect data on the reef to improve restoration methods.


Raise awareness and tell the story of the reef to inspire people to take action. 


Take action by educating our local #UNLITTER communities and utilizing We the Reef's powerful storytelling tools through various media and social platforms to spread the word globally.


The core of Coral Gardner's work is built around coral reef restoration.


Using the latest techniques and methods, this program aims at restoring coral coverage, increasing abundance, biodiversity and coral recruitment. More information can be found at their website

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