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Welcome to


There’s a reason

you’re reading this.
You’ve heard about

the movement.
Once upon a time,

#UNLITTER caught your eye.

& now you're invited...



Your Campus Competition


By entering this challenge, you will compete against other schools around the world to complete simple tasks that have massive impacts.

You will be surprised by how easy it is to create positive change in your community and kick The #UNLITTER Movement into gear.

Positivity is contagious.

Good luck!

Thanks! Message sent.

To complete your Team registration, check out with your #unlitter kit

The challenge tasks will be released to those who register on November 1st, 2019.

Official Rules: The Campus Challenge


The list of challenges will be released to you when you application is approved. 

You must fill out an application on the website and complete the payment in order to get your #UNLITTER Your Campus starter kit. 

Once you complete a task, tag us on an instagram story and submit a photo with a description providing evidence to


Each completed task will be considered equivalent to one point. 


The first participant to complete 8 tasks wins the challenge. 

Everyone is encouraged to complete all 10 out of the goodness of their hearts. 


The winning applicant will receive a $50 credit to go towards throwing a Bring Your Own Cup keg party (Or any #UNLITTER Event that you can dream up).

Winners must be 21+ to buy beer. 

If you win and you are not over the age of 21 you are limited to a non-alcoholic event. 


If more than one individual registers from one school, they are welcome to work on the challenge as a team, but each individual must post the photo on their person Instagram story and send in the email evidence (photo and description to 




    It’s a word, to put it simply, but in 2017 this word triggered a social movement lead by people who are motivated to simplify their lives and to reduce environmental impact. UNLITTER sparked #unlitter parties, #unlitteryourmind yoga events, art projects, as well as #unlitteryourbusiness and #unlitteryourevent initiatives.       


What is the GOAL? 

   The goal is to inspire as many organizations & individuals to reduce the amount of trash they create.

The goal is for this word to be used across the world in everyday conversations, and unify activists across the globe.      

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