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Group of girls smiling in orange safety vests outside holding a black and white banner that says #UNLITTER.

Beginning in 2016, #UNLITTER has grown from a passionate group of friends at the University of Florida into a global movement. Over the years, the #UNLITTER movement has impacted the Gainesville, Florida, community by spreading environmental awareness and positive vibes through cleanups, yoga events, and unique projects conceptualized by members.

Events are posted on our Instagram @UNLITTERUF and on the calendar found here.


We host monthly clean-ups around Gainesville during spring and fall, collaborating with other clubs who are interested in joining the movement. We also participate in removing invasive species from conservation areas on campus. If you are an organization in Gainesville and would like to work with us, click here!


Partnering with local yoga instructors, we host yoga events each semester to help our members connect mind and body. We welcome all experience levels, from those who have never set foot on a mat to those who frequent their favorite yoga studio.

#UNLITTER Bottlecap Mural

For over two years, members of the Gainesville community collected bottlecaps for a future #UNLITTER project. In October 2022, that project became a reality and turned into a mural hung in the main lobby of Gainesville's City Hall. The #UNLITTER Bottlecap Mural Documentary is now live. 

Link to Article from the Alligator. 

#UNLITTER Thrift Gala

In November 2022 and April 2023, #UNLITTER and UF's Thrift Club Funky Formal collaborated to host a runway show and night-life event promoting sustainably-sourced fashion to support our environment. To learn more about the event, click here!

#UNLITTER Education

The #UNLITTER Education Program is dedicated to empowering the next generation with the knowledge, skills, and mindset needed to become environmental stewards. We strive to foster a deep-rooted sense of responsibility and inspire positive actions that contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable planet. Sign up to volunteer here. 


Here at UF, it is a popular trend to use plastic glitter for graduation photos, only to be left on the sidewalk and ultimately ending up in drainage systems that lead to local waterways like Paynes Prarie.

  • #UNGLITTER is a biodegradable alternative - let's motivate others to adopt sustainable habits and stop littering on our front lawn.

  • We collaborate with Greek life representatives and local photographers to raise awareness about the environmental impact of glitter and promote the use of sustainable alternatives.

Our goal: reduce the amount of plastic waste on campus and prevent it from harming our natural surroundings.

To purchase #UNGLITTER, click here!

UF Environmental Co..png

#UNLITTER founded the UF Environmental Coalition (UF ECO) to create a space for students from all majors to find their niche in sustainability here in Gainesville. We welcome nonprofits in the area, clubs from UF/SF, and other related organizations to apply. Individuals are welcome to look at our UF ECO Calendar and come out to our Fall + Spring General Body Meetings!

More information and the application can be found here.

#UNLITTER Gainesville


Bella Marti



Liel Shachr

Assistant Director 

Screenshot 2023-08-22 7.48.56 AM.png

Gaya Prabhakaran

Event Director


Grace Macewan

Social Media Director


Julianna Barrios

Merchandise Coordinator


Aaliyah DeBarros

Stoke Chair


Gabrielle DeBenedict

Multimedia Content Creator


Ava Koessick

Logistics Coordinator


Madelyn Crist

C0-Education Director 

Screenshot 2023-08-22 7.50.40 AM.png

Sarah Green

C0-Education Director 


Ethan Spasciani

#UNLITTER Art Coordinator


Olivia Bergman

#UNLITTER Art Coordinator in Training


Vivian Powell

Social Media Coordinator


Kara Adams

Social Media Coordinator


Kita Narasimhan

Social Media Coordinator 


Natalie Mercer

Social Media Coordinator


Carolina Joy

External Outreach Coordinator


Sierra Tagman

UF Affairs Coordinator


Open Position

Fundraising Chair

Calendar of Events
Fall 2023 to Spring 2024

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