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Education Program

Empowering the next generation. 

The #UNLITTER Education Program is a dynamic initiative focused on educating students about environmental responsibility through interactive lessons and activities. 


The #UNLITTER Education Program is dedicated to empowering the next generation with the knowledge, skills, and mindset needed to become environmental stewards. We strive to foster a deep-rooted sense of responsibility and inspire positive actions that contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable planet.

  • Empower through Education

  • Inspire Youth Involvement

  • Educator Enablement

About the program

The #UNLITTER education program commenced formally in 2021, spurred by a member's realization in Gainesville, Florida, regarding the profound influence on the younger generation. Recognizing the gaps in environmental education within classrooms, the program was established with the aim to provide students with more exposure to up-cycled crafting, in-class field trips with volunteers, and enduring memories and stories. The program seeks to enrich young minds with crucial environmental knowledge beyond standard curriculum.

The program's reach will extend to schools nationwide, offering several avenues for engagement:

  • Teachers: Teachers can reach out via email to gain free access to comprehensive files, materials, and pre-planned lessons tailored for their classrooms.

  • Students: Individuals in the middle, high school, college, or young adult demographic anywhere in the United States can access resources to volunteer within classrooms to make a difference. If you reside in an area where we already host events, we will facilitate your connection with local leads to engage in volunteering opportunities.

  • General Inquiries: For those seeking more information or a conversation with a team member, sending an email is encouraged, as the team is eager to share more about the program's initiatives.

The #UNLITTER Education program adopts a themed approach, with each month featuring a different focus aligned with the broader #UNLITTER movement. For example, September centers on coral restoration, presenting students with engaging PowerPoint presentations that guide them through a spectrum of in-classroom activities, worksheets, and up-cycled crafts.


This structured approach ensures that each month's theme delves into diverse aspects of the #UNLITTER movement, enhancing environmental awareness and kick-starting the next generation of changemakers. 

Contact information: 


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Gainesville, FL

Special shout out to all of our amazing team in Gainesville, Florida. Countless hours have been put into the creation of the program, and we wouldn't be where we are without the founder of the program, Avery. Thank you Avery!​

Volunteering in Gainesville

Bring this to my classroom!

  • Located in Gainesville and ready to start #UNLITTER in your classroom? Send us an email or use the form below. 

I want to get involved! 

Thank you so much for showing interest in our program!


If you are having any issues, reach out to us via email ( 

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Thank you! We will be contacting you soon.

The Team



Intern Lead

Gainesville, Florida




Los Angeles, California 

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Seattle, Washington

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UF C0-Education Director 

Gainesville, Florida

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Boise, Idaho



UF C0-Education Director 

Gainesville, Florida 

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