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Curriculum Program Outreach Internship



#UNLITTER is a nonprofit that promotes "a global movement of humans doing good” through events, educational content & community action. #UNLITTER empowers individuals to live more conscious and positive lives.

The #UNLITTER Movement started in 2016. The movement does more than encourage people to pick up litter - our main goal is to increase environmental awareness and educate people on how to live sustainably + positively, without buying new products.

Join our global movement as a member of our team! Gain experience working with a nonprofit and with project management - creating an education . Please note that the desired qualifications are not required, if you are interested you should apply. This internship is volunteer based. | @UNLITTER

Schedule Expectations

Hour Expectations (flexible): 2-3 hours per week, with 1-2 weekly meetings. Different roles will require different time requirements.


Work closely with team #UNLITTER to develop and refine existing curriculum materials
Conduct research on best practices for sustainability education in different age groups and settings (elementary school, middle school, high school - afterschool or in classroom)
Collaborate with artists and designers to create engaging and visually appealing educational materials, including printable (on otherwise unusable paper) sketching books and slide decks with embedded videos
Develop and record (work with a creator) instructional videos demonstrating the various crafts and activities included in the curriculum
Create an external outreach strategy to promote the curriculum and encourage its adoption by schools and educational institutions
Assist with logistics and coordination for any events or workshops related to the curriculum
Maintain accurate records and document progress throughout the internship

Desired Qualities 

More about us

Committed to attracting and retaining a diverse team, #UNLITTER will consider your experiences, perspectives and unique identity in the application. Even while protecting the planet, we are committed to creating a team that is inclusive, equitable and welcoming.

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