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Blog Content Creation and Outreach Internship



#UNLITTER is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting a global movement of humans doing good through events, educational content, and community action. Established in 2016, #UNLITTER aims to increase environmental awareness and educate individuals on sustainable living practices. Our mission goes beyond picking up litter; we strive to empower people to lead conscious and positive lives without relying on new products.

Schedule Expectations

Around 1 hour per week with monthly check-ins.


As a Blog Content Creation and Outreach Intern at #UNLITTER, you will play a key role in producing engaging blog content and fostering relationships with potential writers to amplify our message. Your responsibilities will include:

Writing one blog post per month on topics relevant to our audience and mission.
Assisting in content planning and ideation for blog posts and series.
Conducting outreach to potential writers, fostering collaborations, and pitching topics.
Learning and implementing SEO best practices to optimize blog content for visibility.
Monitoring and reporting on blog performance metrics such as traffic and engagement.

Desired Qualities 

Strong writing and editing skills.
Ability to conduct research and synthesize information into compelling narratives.
Excellent communication skills for outreach efforts.
Passion for environmental sustainability and positive change.

More about us

Committed to attracting and retaining a diverse team, #UNLITTER will consider your experiences, perspectives and unique identity in the application. Even while protecting the planet, we are committed to creating a team that is inclusive, equitable and welcoming.

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